Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

SupportAt Kautilya career catalyst, whether it's your first class or you are an online expert, we want your experience to be positive,successful experience. We, not only provide online lectures or training but also live broadcast special sessions such as Doubt clearing sessions, Revision sessions and Tests for all registered aspirants.
In doubt clearing sessions, faculty will discuss about the doubts of all individuals with the interactive session options enabled to submit their questions.
Kautilya career catalyst's revision sessions are about converting knowledge into marks. More specifically, its about:

  • » Understanding what examiner wants you to do
  • » Managing your limited time.
  • » Applying techniques to exam standard questions.
  • » Identifying where marks are earned and scoring them.

And finally, in Kautilye career catalyst's Test sessions, there are live time online tests with instant feedback and explanations. It will help you refine your test taking skills.

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