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INDIAN ECONOMY -TSPSC Groups Online Course | Kautilya careers | by VIDEO_CREDITS

Course Overview

I. Indian Economy: Issues and Challenges.
1. Growth and Development : Concepts of Growth and Development –Relationship between Growth
and Development
2. Measures of Economic Growth: National Income- Definition, Concepts and Methods of measuring
National Income; Nominal and Real Income.
3. Poverty and Unemployment : Concepts of Poverty – Income based Poverty and Non-Income based
poverty ; Measurement of Poverty; Unemployment- Definition, Types of Unemployment
4. Planning in Indian Economy : Objectives, Priorities, Strategies, and Achievements of Five year
Plans – 12th FYP; Inclusive Growth – NITI Aayog
II. Economy and Development of Telangana.
1. Telangana Economy in undivided Andhra .Pradesh (1956-2014)- Deprivations (Water (Bachavat
Committee), Finances (Lalit, Bhargava, Wanchu Committees) and Employment( Jai Bharat
Committee, Girgilan Committee) and Under Development.
2. Land Reforms in Telangana : Abolition of Intermediaries: Zamindari, Jagirdari and Inamdari;Tenancy
Reforms ;Land ceiling; Land alienation in Scheduled Areas
3. Agriculture and Allied Sectors: Share of Agriculture and Allied sectors in GSDP; Distribution of
land holdings; Dependence on Agriculture; Irrigation- Sources of Irrigation; Problems of Dry land
Agriculture; Agricultural credit.
4. Industry and Service Sectors: Industrial Development; Structure and Growth of Industry sector-
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector; Industrial Infrastructure; Industrial Policy
of Telangana; Structure and Growth of Service sector.
III. Issues of Development and Change.
1. Development Dynamics: Regional Inequalities in India – Social Inequalities - Caste, Ethnicity
(tribe), Gender and Religion; Migration; Urbanisation.
2. Development and Displacement: Land Acquisition Policy; Resettlement and Rehabilitation.
3. Economic Reforms: Growth, Poverty and Inequalities – Social Development (education and health);
Social Transformation; Social Security.
4. Sustainable Development: Concept and Measurement; Sustainable Development Goals


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