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General Essay | Group-1 Mains | APPSC by VIDEO_CREDITS

Course Overview

Course Details:

  • Content: The course has been formed topic wise. Each topic will be having digital recorded videos, materials and online tests.
  • Content Updates: At regular intervals, we will add new videos and online exams to the existing content and it will be informed to all registered users through e-mails.
  • Live Sessions: We will conduct Interactive Live Sessions for each course we offer, during these sessions students can get clarify their doubts.

Nowadays internet is making a path breaking change in various fields and even education is not free from its influence. In fact, it has transmuted the concept of tutoring within a brief span of time. At Kautilya Career Catalyst, we have an online platform to enable students to attend lectures in the comfort at their homes or work places. We are here to provide guidance and coaching of utmost quality in a scientific manner through systematic modern techniques. In fact, the rapid development in the field of online tutoring is diminishing the difference between online tutoring and real time tutoring. This mode of teaching as well as learning is highly convenient. A broadband connection and a headset are all that are needed for the purpose of online learning. At Kautilya Career Catalyst, we provide systematically complete package pertaining to GROUP-I  GENERAL ESSAY  course you are registered to including

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  •     24/7 Access
  •     E-books, [15+Ebooks]
  •     30% of Course Live streaming sessions with two way       communication ,
  •     Doubts clarification through direct call/ live chat/ mail.


Objective :

Kautilya Career Catalyst is looking forward to prepare candidates with quality and meaningful tutoring experience to assist them in becoming proficient in General Studies and General Abilities the areas essential to excel in all aspects of life. We with our mission statement wish to create a dynamic and sustainable setup of new age teaching methodology where the candidate is guided to use modern day technology but with the traditional approach of teaching.

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System Requirements :

  •   Web Browser: FireFox 39.0+, Chrome 43+, or IE 10+
  •   Operating System: Windows, OS X, Linux, Ubuntu
  •   Internet: Good Internet Connectivity

                         PAPER-I - GENERAL ESSSAY
Marks - 150 Medium: English/Telugu Time- 150 Minutes
The candidates are required to attempt three essays, one from each of the three sections, in about 800 words each.
This paper is designed to test candidate's (i) knowledge / awareness of a variety of Subjects and (ii) their ability to compose a sustained piece of writing in the form of an essay.
i. Current affairs
ii. Socio- political issues
iii. Socio- economic issues
iv. Socio- environmental issues
v. Cultural and historical aspects
vi. Issues related to civic awareness
vii. Reflective topics
Areas of Testing:
This paper would test the following:
1. Ability to compose a well-argued piece of writing
2. Ability to express coherently and sequentially
3. Awareness of the subject chosen
Evaluation / Marking:
Credit will be given for the following:
a. Observing established rules and format for essay writing
b. Grammatical correctness of expression
c. Originality of thought and expression.


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