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Methodology (20 Marks)
1. Meaning and Nature of Mathematics, History of Mathematics.
2. Contributions of Great Mathematicians - Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Srinivasa
Ramanujan, Euclid, Pythagoras, George cantor.
3. Aims and Values of teaching Mathematics, Instructional objectives (Blooms
4. Mathematics curriculum: Principles, approaches of curriculum construction, -Logical
and Psychological, Topical and Concentric, Spiral approaches. Qualities of a good
Mathematics text book.
5. Methods of teaching mathematics- Heuristic method, Laboratory method, Inductive
and Deductive methods, Analytic and Synthetic methods, Project method and Problem
Solving method.
6. Unit Plan, Year Plan, Lesson Planning in Mathematics.
7. Instructional materials, Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience.
8. Evolving strategies for the gifted students and slow learners,
9. Techniques of teaching mathematics like Oral work, written work, Drilling,
Assignment, Project, Speed and Accuracy.
10.Mathematics club, Mathematics structure, Mathematics order and pattern sequence.
11. Evaluation - Types, Tools and Techniques of Evaluation, Preparation of SAT
Analysis, Characteristics of a good test.


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