About Kautilya

About Kautilya

Kautila was one of the greatest figures of wisdom and knowledge in the Indian history, who authored the ancient Indian political treatise, The Arthashastra (Economics). He was a great teacher, philosopher, economist and jurist. He was the guiding force behind emperor Chandragupta as his royal advisor and the vital person who made him an able emperor. 

Likewise, at Kautilya Career Catalyst  we earnestly believe to enlighten the individuals preparing for competitive exams with knowledge. Our role is to inculcate self-confidence in ones innate talents, enhance their chances to succeed in competitive exams and establish values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness. 

Kautilya Career Catalyst one stop solution to succeed in government jobs and other competitive examinations. We are offering various courses for Groups , Civil Services, Banking, Railways, Insurance and Subject wise.

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